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QX wire shot blasting machine

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QX wire shot blasting machine
Product Lablel: QX wire shot blasting machine
Product Model: QX
Product Type: QX wire shot blasting machine
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       QX series wire shot blast machine          

  The QX series wire shot blasting machine uses external power to pull and transport the wire, so that the wire can be cleaned through the cleaning room. This machine uses an advanced and energy-saving built-in projectile cluster shot blasting device to project high-speed and dense projectile bundles to hit the wire. On the surface, the rust layer, oxide scale and dirt on the surface of the wire are quickly peeled off, exposing the defects on the surface of the wire, and obtaining a clean surface with a certain roughness, which meets the requirements of the combined drawing unit and the flaw detector for the wire surface.

1) Universal and efficient:

With 3, 4 or 6 polishing heads, it can meet different output requirements. The drawing speed of the equipment can be as high as 240 m/min. The equipment can be integrated into an advanced drawing line or used as an independent equipment for finishing.

2) Single wire descaling can be performed on wires, bars or profiles with a diameter of 5 to 130mm. The equipment is equipped with high-performance reel, straightening unit drive device, and loading and unloading system.

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