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Resin sand process production line

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Resin sand process production line
Product Lablel: Resin sand process production line
Product Model: Resin sand process production line
Product Type: Resin sand process production line
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Resin sand processing line belongs to self-hardening sand equipment, mainly including sand molding equipment and old sand regenerating & recycling processing equipment. It is a production line, providing qualified molding sand which is formed by regenerating &recycling of the old sand to the automatic and mechanical molding production line or manual molding line. At present, our company has already produced hundreds of resin sand lines with sand processing capacity of 2-40 tons/hour. Our equipment is all over the country and has exported to North Korea and many Southeast Asian countries. The reliability of its mechanical properties and the stability of its process performance get the recognition and praise of many casting manufacturers at home and abroad.


Sand handling process
Old sand→L1215 inertia vibrating shakeout machine→Y466 vibrating feeder→Y438 vibrating conveyor→S998 suspended magnetic separator→S3320 vibrating crusher→ 1#bucket elevator(NE30 plate chained type)→1# sand library→boiling cooling bed→2# bucket elevator→magnetic separator→S5415 regenerating winnowing machine→3# bucket elevator→buffer sand library→sand temperature regulator→4# bucket elevator→3# double lumen sand library( the new sand is added into a new storage unit by a S528IX bucket elevator)→Y9116 pneumatic transmission system convey the molding sand to the sand hopper at the top of S2830、S2512 sand mixer.


Together with the electronic control system, de-dusting system, water control system, pneumatic control system, it forms a complete resin sand old sand processing system



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