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Road surface shot blasting machine

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Road surface shot blasting machine
Product Lablel: shot blasting machine
Product Model: shot blasting machine
Product Type: Road surface
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Working principle

Road surface shot blasting machine use the high speed to generate centrifugal force and wind from blast wheel with the function of centrifugal force , the shot balls flow into whipstock by impeller, then thrown out from whipstock, at last the high speed rotation blades accelerate then throw the shot balls out, the shot balls form a certain beam to impact the surface of working-pieces to finish cleaning. Then the shot balls and dust together with other impurities will be bonded into the upper hopper. The separator will separate the shot balls from dust, then the shot balls will flow into the hopper for next recycling, the dust will flow into dust collector along the pipelines. Finally, inside the machine through the air cleaning supporting cleaner, shot balls and impurity will be collected respectively, so the shot balls can be recycled. Shot blasting machine is equipped with dust collector to realize working without pollution, it is not only increase the working efficiency ,but also protect environment.


1.Anti-skid treatment of Asphalt Pavement

2.Pavement bleeding cleaning

3.The road sign line cleaning

4.Pavement, surface roughening and cleaning during covering

5.remove the tire marks at airport runway

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