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          Shot blasting and oil spraying line

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          Shot blasting and oil spraying line
          Product Lablel: Shot blasting,oil spraying line
          Product Model: oil spraying line
          Product Type: Shot blasting
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          Model : car A columns, B columns, C columns shot blasting and oil painting line.


          Our company produced automobile heat moldings such as A column, B column, C column suspension conveying automatic shot blasting production line and antirust oil spraying line, dedicated to the automobile door anti-collision rod, bumper reinforcing beam, the A column, B column, door frame strengthening beam and other components, is used to realize the rust-removing and strengthening effect by shot blasting pretreatment. The whole blasting and spraying production line design and manufacture level exceed the current international similar products.


          It’s used for automobile door anti-collision rod, bumper reinforcing beam, the A column, B column, door frame strengthening beam and other components

          Function: rust-removing and strengthening


          Automatic process of oil spraying line loading → to eliminate static electricity → spraying (can open four guns at the same time ) → inspection → leveling → hot wind section, UV s olidification → unloading


          1. equipped with the feeding induction electric eye,the spraying gun will work when the workpieces passing through, set up a certain time, it will stop working automatically without workingpieces passing through, so as to ensure that the paint and energy saving

          2. Spray chamber and the channel use stainless steel materials, it can not only have the effect of anti-corrosion, durable, but also the spraying room adopts environmental protection water screen cabinet design, so it can minimum the operating environment pollution.

          3.We adopt the world famous brand automatic spray gun, its height, angle and location can be adjusted, the atomization effect, spraying shape, spraying gun switch, can be adjusted and controlled by air pressure regulating valve and the electromagnetic valve, also it can be adjusted according to the different working-pieces, it’s more suitable for spraying smaller working pieces, with the superiority of avoiding drop formation and waste blown in coating surface scattering.

          4. The rotation device in spraying zone, rotation speed stepless adjustable, with the conveying speed adjustment, so as to achieve the best spraying effect.

          5.The painting car adopts spraying special pneumatic diaphragm pump, with imported paint voltage regulator, to meet the pressure and flow coating supply. Overhead type paint barrels, can monitor or add paint at any time, and the use of pneumatic motor agitator, adjust the agitator’s speed through the ventilation, easy adjustable and a wide range of speed regulation, to ensure that the paint is not precipitation. At the bottom is provided with a universal caster wheel, can be moved at will.

          6. Hot flash section adopts high-efficiency stainless steel quartz heater with stainless steel inner cover, appropriate thickness of rock wool insulation, temperature using PID control, high control precision, to achieve better evaporation coatings diluent effect.

          7.UV solidification section uses American FUSION company UV system, the microwave excitation type UV lamp, high efficiency, less heat. UV lamp height can be adjusted to fit the irradiation area, the workpiece rotates, to achieve better curing effect.

          8. Electrical control components are mainly imported high-quality components, has the characteristics of stable performance, reliable

          9. The transmission system adopts frequency conversion to control, not only with the wide transmission speed adjustment range, but also very easy to adjust

          10. This machine has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, is your ideal choice for coating

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