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Sucker rod surface strengthening and shot blasting machine

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Sucker rod surface strengthening and shot blasting machine
Product Lablel: shot blasting machine
Product Model: shot blasting machine
Product Type: Sucker rod surface strengthening
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Compared with other common shot blasting machine, it has the advantages of simple structure, good strengthen effect,it is a special equipment for oil pumping rod production and repair factory
Sucker rod shot blasting treatment, can effectively improve the fatigue strength, while the pass through type shot blasting machine is specialized for the component surface strengthening treatment and the development of the small and medium shot blasting equipment.
Working Process
Selecting 、surface pre-cleaning、sorting (discharge the coupling)、alignment、medium frequency induction heating cleaning, rod head inspection, rod body rod inspection, repairing, superaudio frequency induction heating surface quenching, shot blasting and strengthening, painting and packing, marking, storage. After repair, the old D grade sucker rod, the tensile strength and the fatigue strength and other performance indicators have reached the technical level of the super high strength rods

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