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XZ45 Series molding line

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XZ45 Series molding line
Product Lablel: XZ45 Series molding line
Product Model: molding line
Product Type: molding line
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XZ45Series molding line It is composed of open mold conveyer contact conveying system, molding machine, rollover machine, shift box machine, core machine, binding machine, milling drilling hole gate machine, mould closing machine, casting machine, a cooling section, into the box set, box machine, sand box wall cleaning machine, car surface cleaning machine device of automatic molding line.

With the hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electric control system, dust environmental protection equipment and so on, can be composed of a high degree of automation, productivity, stability, quality casting production automatic molding line.It is widely used in the production of alloy castings can be less stable, breed, the bulk of the larger modern foundry workshop.

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