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          Shot blasting machine cleaning principle
          Hachieve| Time2013/11/12 14:05:42


          The moving path for general dust: dust generated from working pieces surface (broken the oxide layer and the corrosion and abrasive crushing products), with the abrasive be sucked back to the hopper then separated by separator, then into the dust collector along pipelines, after filtering the cleaned air will be discharged into the atmosphere.


          Characteristics of automatic dust-free shot blasting machine:

           (1) the whole system consists of shot blasting sand return part, walking parts, dust collector, controller and other simple mechanism;

          (2) the PLC control, adjustable parameters, by adjusting the moving speed and the amount of sand, to achieve the ideal cleaning effect;

          (3) the operation is flexible, can move forward, backward and turns, continuous work, any part of the large plane can be obtained derusting quality uniform;

          (4) the abrasive and automatic dust recycling, no sand leakage, do not pollute the environment;

          (5) high construction efficiency, a shot blast cleaning effective width up to 500mm. Its working principle is to use the high-speed rotation of blast wheels to blast the surface of working-pieces by high speed flowing abrasives ( steel shot balls),to remove the oxide layer on the surface.

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