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          Qingdao Hachieve shot blasting machine product quality assurance
          Hachieve| Time2013/4/29 10:18:44

          We implement the "famous brand" strategy, the implementation of "total quality management" and ISO9001 international quality system certification.

          Products are designed by engineers with rich experience, drawings are issued by expert review to guarantee the quality of design;

          The product won¡¯t pass to any third party to produce£»

          Spare parts:

          1¡¢Steel plates, profiles and other raw materials are all purchased from famous manufacturers;

          2¡¢Accessories, standard parts (such as bearings, motor and reducer) as far as possible to buy from the brand manufacturers (please refer to 7 standard parts), or appointed by the user

          3¡¢Castings are produced by large domestic foundry manufacture, high quality, low price. At the same time, checked by the professional quality inspection person;

           4¡¢Other parts (including welding, machining parts), are completed in our workshop to control the quality

          5¡¢Electrical components adopt high quality ones in domestic (or imported, according to user¡¯s requirements), PLC selects the abroad brand (OMRON, GE, Mitsubishi or Siemens etc.), to ensure automatic control level.

          By the design & quality inspection personnel to set up a special quality supervision team, ensure the quality of machine;

          Key components (such as blast wheel etc) finish loading test in long time;For large non-standard equipment, when the manufacturing is completed, the buyer can check then arrange loading for the qualified products.

          For the outgoing products , to ensure the supply of spare parts (details please refer to "6 spare parts and special tools.").

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