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Normal operating rules of shot blasting machine
Hachieve| Time2013/4/29 10:21:07

We,Qingdao Hachieve Machinery Equipment Co.Ltd.,mainly produce conveyor type shot blasting machine,turntable shot blasting machine,crawler type shot blasting machine,hook type shot blasting machine,catenary type shot blasting machine,drum type shot blasting machine,non-standard shot blasting machine,etc.

1、 The operator must be familiar with the equipment specifications in the operations,use,repair and maintenance.

2、 Before operating,the operator must check whether all the switches on the control cabin(faceplate) are in the required set position or not(including the power switch), and then can start,avoid misoperation,damage to the electrical and mechanical equipments,cause equipment accident.

3、 If not operators,please do not operate or touch the electrical switch control area casually,in case accident. All the above is the normal operating rules,everybody is expected to obey the above rules.

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