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          Qingdao Hachieve Mechinery Equipment Co., Ltd comprehensively implements equipment installation and finishing work before the Spring Festival, 2020 to fully guarantee the scheduled production of major cooperative steel plants throughout the country
          Hachieve| Time2020/1/19 14:47:26

          Qingdao Hachieve Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been engaged in steel surface treatment machinery and environmental protection dust removal equipment for more than 20 years and has a long and deep cultural heritage and technical essence. Relying on a high-quality, experienced team of employees who also master the leading technology in the same industry,  we serve the society with industry quality products that represent technology and quality, and are committed to creating a century-old brand of steel surface treatment industry quality products, which will increase efficiency for users, realize the value of life for employees, and create wealth for society.    

               The 2020 Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching. In this severe winter full of snow, the busy equipment installation site is our best defy of the bitter cold weather.Qingdao Hachieve Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd comprehensively completes the installation of equipment before the Spring Festival to fully guarantee that all major steel Plants projects acroos the country will be produced on schedule. All the installers rush across the country and stick to their posts. They are meticulous and methodical in advancing the project installation progress to ensure that Chinese steel production enterprises can be put into production on schedule.

          1、Zhenshi Steel installation site of shot blasting machine for 3200mm wide stainless steel plate heat treatment production line






                   2、Baotou Silicon Steel installation site of shot blasting machine for oriented silicon steel strip pickling and phosphating production line






           3、Baogang Steel heavy and medium plate Plant installation site of shot blasting machine for 4200mm Wide heavey and medium Plate Production Line Supporting Surface Treatment







          4、Beijing Capital Iron and Steel installation site of 4300mm wide, heavy and medium plate blasting, painting, drying and pretreatment production line









                To ensure the progress of every project, Qingdao Hachieve Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd has established special project departments, which are coordinated by the company's project management department. We have formulated reasonable guarantee measures and give full priority and support to human, financial and material resources.

                We strengthened the management and procurement of materials required for equipment installation, ensured the timely supply of materials, and ensured that the installation was on schedule. The professional and technical personnel timely and accurately put forward plan for the use of materials, and fully prepare datas in time and in advance to avoid delaying the construction period

          Regular coordination meetings are held to resolve issues in time whicn will affect the progress, quality, and safety during equipment installation and Corresponding measures are taken to prepare for the next installation work in advance.

                To ensure the construction period, in terms of technical organization measures, our company's equipments are all standardized and serialized, and the technology is very mature. There are many similar projects with mature design experience.The engineers are very professional in this type of project, and are very familiar with the prone problems of the equipment. During the design process, they try to avoid problems and ensure the progress of the construction period.

               Qingdao Hachieve Machinery Co., Ltd always upholds the customer-oriented business philosophy and implements total quality management, The quality of our products keeps improving and our services are perfect. With the efforts of everyone, it believes each project will be completed as scheduled and a satisfactory answer sheet will be submitted for users!

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